Larsen & Toubro MPS

  5 - 132/33KV Substation

Larsen & Toubro MANKOO

  132/11kV MANKHOOL Substation

Al Naboodah Contracting

  City Centre Mirdiff – Car Park Expansion Project on Plot 251-4843

Emirates Steel Industries

  Scaffolding Contract for Annual Maintenance Work

Al Faraa

  The Constellation, Abu Dhabi

Gallery Work

  Gallery for Kerala Samajam Programme, Abu Dhabi

Scaffolding for Cable Pulling

  Abu Dhabi

Amana Contracting

  Slab Formwork

Ali & Sons Contracting

  Residential building Plot no. C03, C09, C10 and C11

SAS Fabrics

  World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi

Sumer Contracting

  P 154, Al Andalus Tower, Dubai Gulf Club